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VTI-Valtronics Inc. Manufacturers of NDIR Gas Monitors

VTI is a High Technology Company specializing in Product Development and Original Equipment Manufacturing. Since 1983, VTI has been the leading manufacturer of Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) gas monitors for OEM, private label, and integration partners.

Our unique CO2 and Refrigerant monitors are used for Health and Safety in Wineries, Breweries, Food Processing and Food Storage Applications.

VTI has a series of CO2 gas monitors that are used in Indoor Air Quality, Greenhouse, OEM Biotech, Mushroom Farms and Poultry Market Places. 

The Metal Heat Treating industry uses our CO, CO2, CH4, and NH3 gas monitors in their treatment process.  

Other applications include Geothermal, Oil Exploration, Submarines, Petro-Chemical Plants, and Controlled-Atmosphere Produce Shippers, Natural Gas, Methane Recovery and monitoring.  We also supply custom-built gas monitors for Combustible Gas, Nitrous Oxide, Refrigerants, and Sulfur Hexafluoride for many kinds of industrial applications.  

Many of our latest product line use digital signal processing and provide a 16-bit SPI serial port for remote control. Our analog sensors provide 0-1V or 0-5V outputs as well as the traditional 4-20mA output. Options include RS-232 on some digital models. 

Our product line ranges from the basic OEM Smart Gas Cell to a fully functional stand-alone system with digital display, remote set point alarms, with 4-20mA and 0-5V outputs.

All of our monitors go through exhaustive burn-in, temperature drift testing, and data analysis in order to pass stringent final Quality Control standards. 

In house design, development, production, and testing allow for fast to market, state of the art new product innovations. We are always looking for new areas of product development and invite your inquires for new OEM or private label applications.

VTI Quality Statement

At VTI-Valtronics Inc., we are committed to continuous compliance with ISO standards in all products and processes, which include aggressive ESD standards, Calibration of all test equipment to NIST standards, ANSI/IPC-610, level II workmanship standards, and a proactive Continuous Improvement Program.  All VTI-Valtronics products are 100% RoHS Compliant effective June 1, 2006.


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VTI-Valtronics, Inc. - MODEL 2156 CO2 MONITOR Health and Safety Monitor - www.val-tronics.com
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VTI-Valtronics, Inc. - Model 2166 Industrial CO2 Monitor - www.val-tronics.com
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OEM Industrial
CH4 Monitor

VTI-Valtronics Inc. - 2008SDH-CH4 ANALOG OEM INDUSTRIAL CH4 GAS MONITOR - www.val-tronics.com
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OEM Industrial
CO2 Monitor

VTI-Valtronics Inc. - OEM Industrial CO2 Gas Monitor - www.val-tronics.com
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